Music Marketing & Branding Is What I Do!

Looking for consistent promotion.

Looking to get more exposure!

Looking to gain a wide fan base!

Looking to get more stage experience! 

Then my services are what you need! 



Social Media Post (IG/FB/Twitter)

Blog Post (  

Email Blast (DJs/Industry) 

Song Rotation On Digital Radio 

Radio/Podcast Interviews

Services Offered 

*Email Blast 
*Music Placement 
*Studio Time 
*Song Rotation  
*Performance Opportunity  
*Music Video



Silver Package 
* Write up on website 
* Link to your music 
* Track upload on website 
* 1 Month of consistent promotion 
- 40  Story post 
- 1 Page post  

Gold Package 
* Blog on the home page of the website ( 
* Link to your Youtube channel 
* Link to your music 
* 2 Track uploads 
* 2 Months of consistent promotion 
- 60 Story post 
- 2 Page post 
- 1 Reel post 
* Interview & Show 

Platinum Package 
* EPK 
* (2) Blogs 
* Email Blast to Djs/Industry 
* 3 Months of consistent promotion 
- 100 Story post 
- 5 Page post 
- 3 Reel post 
* Interviews lined up 
* Shows lined up

* Music Video 

* Music Placement

* 16 hours Studio Time

An EPK, or electronic press kit, is a digital version of a promotional package that musicians used to mail out to venues, festivals, or talent buyers. EPKs are regularly used as a general online resume that sums up a musician's career to date.

EPK Package 
*Updated every month 
*Promoted Everyday 
(EPK includes) 
* Your own URL 
* Music 
* Artist biography 
* Promotional Photos 
* High-Quality Videos. 
* Recent Accomplishments. 
* Social Media Links 
* Streaming Links 
* Contact Information

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