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High Went Down by iiSupportCT 6/6/24

Ruled By Venus By Pocah The Rebel

Shit Real by iiSupportCT

Pretty Gangsta Muzic By Mazi CokeGirl

Previous events

International Pone & Friends

The Warehouse, 85 Airport Rd, Hartford

On Saturday, June 29th, Pone presents an exciting event - Only The Real (OTR), featuring talented artists from different states. YBE Kancer from Atlanta, RNF Bigz from Minnesota, Big Bang Bill from Oklahoma, and Usual Suspects from New York will take the stage by storm. Representing Connecticut, Fuego Base, and Pone will also be performing. The night will be filled with incredible performances and live dancers will add to the excitement. If you're interested in performing or vending, please contact @empress_860 for more information. Don't miss out on this extraordinary night of music and entertainment!

Who Owns The Mic?

The Warehouse, 85 Airport Rd, Hartford

Get ready for the ultimate 'Who Owns the Mic' competition, where you can showcase your musical talents to radio DJs, music label reps, managers, and producers. This is your chance to connect with talented artists and gain recognition within and outside the state. Participating artists will compete for a grand prize, including a cash jar, radio exposure, an interview, an off-the-chain freestyle session sponsored by I Support CT, a photoshoot, and extensive promotion from our marketing team. We have two slots available, offering free visual content, tickets to sell or give away, a personalized flyer, email blasts to DJs, an artist feature on our website, and social media marketing.

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